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   About our company's 
rich history & vision....

  Our very 1st location
in 2000

A Brief Timeline of our Progress:

2000:  1st Caraway location

2001:  Caraway @ Brownfield

2003:  Caraway @ Singerly

2005:  Sold Singerly to build new

2006:  Caraway 1 relocation

2009:  Brownfield relocated-to Caraway 2

2010:  Caraway 1 addition

2015:  Brownfield reopened--Now under new ownership

Future:  ?? Caraway 2 has two more approved building sites...

Caraway Manor is owned and operated by William and Betty Battaglia.  Both are therapists and Betty is a nurse practitioner as well. The company was birthed in the year 2000 out of an emergent need for community placements for senior citizens, propelled by a vision to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and nursing home stays. To this day, Caraway continues to be dedicated to meeting this vision in order to improve safety and successful community living for our senior population.  God has truly blessed us with vision and success!